Bryony Page Quattro Many people think that mental blocks only happen to those who are inexperienced, or through some unforeseen circumstances such as an injury. But as you’ll find out today, it can happen to the best of the best. I recently had a chat with Bryony Page who was at the top of her Trampoline career when she suddenly found herself not being able to do her skills.

Worse, she had the Olympic Games coming up on the horizon. This is her story of how she beat all the odds and came back stronger than ever. It was such a pleasure to chat with her and I hope you enjoy the interview. To get started, simply hit the play button below. Or if you’re just interested in specific topics, check out the show notes below so you can view all the important time stamps.

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Show Notes

  • 3:00 – How Bryony stays motivated on days she doesn’t feel like training or getting up in the morning
  • 6:05 – What a mental block feels like from an athlete’s perspective and how it started for Bryony
  • 10:29 – How someone an “simulate” the feeling of a mental block so you can really understand the fear response on one’s own body. This is important so you can then better be prepared to help others overcome it
  • 11:55 – What Bryony did to recover from her mental block
  • 14:40 – How it’s actually “normal” for our brains to sometimes NOT let us do things and how it translates to skills
  • 15:45 – The variety of strategies given the Bryony by her confidence coach and which ones worked for her
  • 18:45 – Hindsight; what Bryony wishes she heard and knew about back when she was working through her mental block to get her skills back
  • 20:29 – The importance of making a self decision versus just “hoping” the mental block will go away
  • 23:49 – When you need to strip things right back to basics in order to let your mind to allow you to do harder tricks again
  • 26:49 – Instead of taking a step “back” when things aren’t working, Bryony shares about the laddering technique that builds confidence right from the start so every training session feels like you accomplished something
  • 28:10 – Timeframe; how long does it take to get rid of a mental block? See what Bryony has to say
  • 29:45 – The ONE skill that took Bryony 5 years of “off and on” work to get and how she persevered!
  • 35:30 – The type of effect “overthinking” has on your skills and how it can make mental blocks worse. See how Bryony got through it.
  • 36:15 – We end the interview with a few rapid fire questions to get to know Bryony better! (Favorite country, food, app, etc.)


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