jeff_bensonAs many of you know, I’ve written extensively about mental blocks on this site. So you can imagine my delight when I met Jeff Benson who has not only spent a good chunk of his career on helping athletes overcome blocks, but wrote an entire book on it!

The book is called Unblocked: The Walls Come Tumbling Down and Jeff has agreed to exclusively give away a FREE chapter for you to read. You can access it below…

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But before you go reading it, be sure to click the play button above to hear my interview with Jeff. It is one of the most jam-packed interviews I’ve ever done. It’s literally spilling over with a level of knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else when it comes to mental blocks.

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Here’s What We Covered In This Jam-Packed Interview

  • Some common misconceptions about mental blocks. I’ve listed two of my favorite ones below.
  • 1) Many don’t realize that mental blocks aren’t contagious. They aren’t a disease that can be “caught”. One of my favorite quotes from the interview by Jeff was: “Mental block isn’t the beginning of a problem, but rather an accumulation of issues that lead to an anxiety response” (tweet this). And that is very true!
  • 2) Mental blocks are normal and natural. Jeff explains why our brains are hardwired in this way, and why these “blocks” exist in the first place. When you hear this, everything will start to make sense!
  • Both Jeff and myself have mistakes in our coaching careers. We discuss what NOT to do when an athlete gets a mental block and what are the signs to look for so you avoid making them worse.
  • What parents should (and shouldn’t) do in order to help their child get over blocks. There’s a very real problem when parents themselves want their child to get over these blocks more than the actual athlete. Jeff explains the psychology behind why this is actually making the whole situation worse.
  • The growth mindset. This is a very crucial practice that I myself have started to adopt. When an athlete learns the difference between a growth and a fix mindset, they will flourish and not only get past mental blocks, but develop new skills to boot! Jeff gives few excellent tips on how to develop one.
  • There’s a reason why the response to “when will I get over a mental block?” is “it depends” from both Jeff and myself. Jeff explains the psychology behind this called the process vs product mindset. This is another very key concept to understand, grasp and implement!
  • Just like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Jeff explains the phenomenon behind STSD and your body stores a memory of the injury. We also talk about ways to overcome this.
  • Some practical strategies that athletes and coaches can start using today to help them overcome their mental blocks!
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