Help Athletes Stay Motivated On Their Journey To Mastering Their Tumbling Skills!

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These trackers are jam-packed with 12 unique features¬†that will help you stay organized and informed about which athletes have which skills while making it dead-simple to keep parents “in the loop” about their child’s progress.

A Closer Look At The Progress Trackers

You Cannot Improve What You Don't Measure!

Eliminate the guesswork when it comes to helping your athletes achieve the tumbling skills that will propel your team to the top!

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I'm not sure how to use some of the features, is there a tutorial available?"

You bet! I’ve created a walkthrough video where I show you how I personally use each feature to keep track of my athlete’s progress. Just scroll down this page, and look for the resources section. You’ll find buttons for each feature. Just click the one you need help with. If you still have questions, feel free to email me: info [at] tumblingcoach [dot] com

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"Our conditioning program is slightly different than what's shown, will these still work?"

Absolutely! The fonts and colors of these trackers have just the right amount of lightness to them that you can simply write over any of the information to suit your needs. So for example: if you don’t check for an Overhead Squat in your competency test, simply replace it with something else.

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"How do you pick the baseline levels of strength for each level and/or age group?"

Since kids come in so many different shapes and sizes, the easiest way is to pick 2 or 3 of strongest athletes in the given age division, and get their baseline first. Their averages now become what the rest have to aim for. At the same time, I try and push the original 2-3 athletes even further month after month. And of course, boys will have their own separate baselines than girls. What I’ve done is used one tracker as a “reference,” where I’ve filled it out with all the averages the team needs to hit. Then I get to compare the numbers of each kid with the reference to make sure they’re on par. That’s just one of the ways to use these. Feel free to come up with your own!

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"How often should we run the Fit Test on the athletes?"

It’s totally your call. My suggestion would be to run a baseline test ASAP, then check to see if they’re getting stronger/faster either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Once you have 3 months worth of data, you don’t need to record more as you’ll have a good idea of which direction your athlete is headed. There are only 3 possible options: they’re getting stronger, they’re getting weaker, they’re stagnating.

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"How do you suggest we store these for easy access?"

The easiest way is to have a brochure holder for each of your teams that will display the¬†progress trackers (they’re about $3-$5 at any local office supply store). You can mount these on a wall or simply have them on a dedicated table. This allows for quick grab-n-go access. Another option is to have one medium sized envelope per team. I do not recommend letting¬†athletes take these home… as they might not come back for a while!

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"Is there a reason I cannot buy the digital file and print these as often as I want?"

So the ugly truth is, there is always a “cost of business.” Basically, I have to recoup my “R&D” money — which involved months of endless designs, redesigns and tweaking etc. When you pair a perfectionist personality like myself with a graphic designer, you end up with a big bill. So just as a publisher can’t give away their manuscript and need you to buy the book in order make back the advance they paid the author and to support the author, I need to sell these in bundles. But the good news is,¬†if you buy in volume, it works out to¬†less than a dollar per tracker. For double sided laser color printing that comes with pre-folds which is both economical for you, and doesn’t lose me money, that’s tough to beat ūüôā

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"What happens when an athlete is already at Tier X?"

You simply resume from their current level. So as an example, the first thing in Tier 6 is the RO Bhs BT. If you know that your athlete has this pass without a shadow of a doubt, just sign it off. You want to resume in the Tier they’re currently working. But it’s also a good idea to sign off skills in the earlier tiers just to make it easy for choreographers to know the tumbling skills they’ve already mastered.

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"What happens if I sign off on a skill, but a few months later the athlete loses it/gets a mental block?!"

You’ll find that there’s a Mental Block Elimination tool on the inside of the Tracker for this very purpose. This is a complete step-by-step system that I’ve used with great success in the past.¬†See the resources section for a link to the¬†tutorial video.

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Got your Progress Trackers but not sure how to use some of the features? Not a problem! Just click on the section you need help with and a video will pop up where I will personally give you a guided tour on how to best use the feature to help your athletes succeed.

Did I Miss Something?

Is there a question I didn’t cover that’s just burning you up? Still want to know whether or not the Progress Trackers are¬†right for your gym? Then don’t be shy, click the button below to get in touch. I’d be¬†happy to help!

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